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In Memory of Rosie

ARCH, U-CDX, U-AG2 “Honeytree’s Rosie Blue Lady”, UD, MX, MXJ, OAC, NJC, FM,  R3-MCL,  Delta Pet Partner


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Shetland Sheepdog


13 years old when she died in October 2008


14 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder, 24 pounds

Personality Characteristics: 

Rosie had the sweetest personality of any dog I have ever known.  She was absolutely gentle, loyal and loving.  She was wonderful with children and was always ready to play with any dog that was interested.  She was extremely intelligent, often learning new behaviors after only a few repetitions.  Rosie’s favorite things in the entire world to do were to play ball and play Frisbee.  She was absolutely obsessed with both, and would play until she was totally exhausted!  Although some Shetland Sheepdogs can be shy, Rosie was very outgoing and always liked to meet new people.  She was a sensitive little dog, however, and she reacted very strongly to even the slightest hint of disapproval.  I used lots of positive reinforcement in her training. 


CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
TDI (Certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs Intl.)
UD Utility Dog (AKC Obedience)
MX MasterAgility Excellent (AKC Agility)
MXJ Excellent Agility Jumper (AKC Agility)
UCDX Companion Dog Excellent (UKC Obedience)
OAC Open Agility Certificate (NADAC Agility)
NJC Novice Jumpers Certificate (NADAC Agility)
UAG2 Intermediate Agility title (UKC)
ARCH APDT Rally Obedience Champion
R3-MCL  Rally Obedience Level Three
FM Flyball Dog Master
Delta Society Pet Partner Registered Therapy Dog


Rosie loved her PAWSitive Therapy Troupe visits.  She started crying in the car when we pulled into hospital or school entrances - she couldn't wait to get out and meet people!  Since Rosie had been a therapy dog since the age of one year, she knew her job extremely well.   I didn't even have to tell her to sit next to a wheelchair or jump up onto a chair or bed for petting—she did it by herself.  She seemed to instinctively know who needed special attention and would snuggle right up to those who need her mostWith children in the R.EA.D. program in schools, Rosie would listen attentively no matter how many children wanted to read to her.  She made reading fun for the children, and always gave them her unconditional love and acceptance.